Why Surveys for Cash / Online Surveys for Money Are a Waste of Time

You might have heard about people who make money online by taking online surveys for money, with big claims it’s the simplest side hustle you don’t need any specific skills for. You simply do surveys and get paid for them. How awesome is that?

Why Surveys for Cash / Online Surveys for Money Are a Waste of Time

A lot of people consider doing online surveys for money as an additional income stream because of this. However, the truth is, if you want to earn money online, keep as far away from surveys as possible; they are a huge waste of time. Let me explain why:

Online Surveys for Money Are Often Misleading

Most survey sites are utilised to get a consumer perspective on just about anything, and are typically used by marketing departments and companies to better tailor their campaigns.

Now, most of those sites advertise that you can earn as much as $35 per survey, but when you look at the actual time spent which is usually a few hours just to qualify and complete the survey, you’re not earning more than $2 to $5 per hour.

Doing online surveys for money will just result in you wasting time that you could have used to learn new skills to find a profitable way to earn money online.

Online Surveys for Money Will Have You Jump Through Hoops to Even Get to Do Them

Before you can even try to make money online with online surveys, you have to qualify for them. The qualification process often takes over fifteen minutes, and there is a lot of rejection if you don’t meet the desired demographic. That’s 15 minutes unpaid! So, even if you get 20% of them, you’re still spending an hour of your time before the money making begins.

Impossible Thresholds And Useless Rewards

Another big issue with doing online surveys for money is that all of them have some type of threshold you have to reach to be able to cash out. That threshold is often so high, it’s impossible to reach it. And you end up wasting hours upon hours doing surveys only to get a silly discount for a store you might not even frequent, or you receive a gift certificate for Amazon.

There Are Much Better Ways to Earn Money Online

If you really want to earn money online, the best thing to do is to acquire relevant skills to do a really good paying job. Think about your current skill set, your strengths, and weaknesses. What are you good at? Do you prefer numbers or words? Do you think that being an online accountant or copywriter would be a better fit for you? Are you tech savvy and love IT? How about doing some courses to start your web development career?

Some online jobs will require a lot of learning, but others can be done much faster. The first thing you should do is to take a look at some of the best paying jobs you can do from home, or find jobs you can start doing online without needing any type of upfront investment.

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