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#Fact 1
Developers are in very high demand

Skilled web developers are in very high demand right now.  Most web developers choose to work freelance as it offers a more flexible working life and the ability to pick and choose projects.  A freelance web developer will typically earn 2-3 times what an employed developer would. And many web developers are self taught - they learn alone online and hardy any have any formal education in development.

Developers with even a couple of years experience under their belts will be able to land high profile projects with the opportunity to earn big bucks.  Depending on where your clients are located you can usually charge between $50-150 per hour. Which isn’t bad considering all you need is a computer and a desk.

#Fact 2
Developers earn on average $75-150k/year

That isn’t a typo.  Most decent web developers will be earning a 6 figure salary when working freelance.  This is because there is a huge shortage of web developers in the world and people are willing to pay more to get the talent.

Working freelance usually offers a much higher earning potential.  A lot will depend on where your clients are located but most developers will focus on the bigger and more digitally advanced economies which pay better.  E.g. the US, UK, Australia and Canada being primary targets with Singapore, Norway and Sweden offering many well paid opportunities.

If you like the idea of earning $100k a year working online then web development may be for you.

#Fact 3
Most developers work where & when they want

Most web developers pick and choose where and when they work.  Very few go to a normal office and many will work in co-working spaces all around the world.  Younger web developers often travel the world and use their skills to fund stints in other countries.  But older developers tend to stick to one place and work fewer hours on client projects so they can work on their own projects.  The flexibility to work anywhere is one of the main perks of the job.

If the idea of working from home or a coworking space sounds attractive to you then you may want to consider learning to code.

#Fact 4
It’s not just for guys

Web development isn’t just for guys!  There are a growing number of women who have become successful freelance developers.  Many would even say there’s more opportunity for women in this field as tech companies strive to get more women into their workplaces (which have been traditionally male dominated).

As a web developer your gender and age doesn’t matter.  Your skills do. To do this job you’ll need to be comfortable spending most of the day working alone on complex problems. Those with a more social disposition or those who are not good with numbers and logic - will probably be best moving on.

#Fact 5
You don't need a degree

The good news for many people looking to work online is that web development is something you can learn all by yourself.  Many employers in this field actually consider a formal education a disadvantage in development. This is because universities and colleges take way too long to even create course material for new technologies let alone teach it.  

The internet moves far faster than educational institutes and many people exiting long courses in traditional educational environments find they do not have the most uptodate skill base.  New programming languages and technologies come to the forefront constantly.

Most web developers learn with online courses.  Currently Team Treehouse is the leading provider of online courses for developers.

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