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How it Works

Online resellers have done very well in the past but competition from larger retailers has made it more tough in the past couple of years. But how does it work?

The idea is simple - you find an online product or service which can be re-sold under a white label program for a much higher price.  Typically you will re-sell and add some value to the mix - such as technical support or setup.

Most re-sellers are working with products like: web hosting, email hosting, domain names and application hosting.  Resellers typically have some technical knowledge of the products they are reselling.

An Example

Here we will give a simple example of how it works with web hosting.

Web hosting can be resold easily using a program called WHMCS which integrates with hosting companies to allow you to re-sell products.

Many web hosts offer a re-seller program but let's just take a concrete example. Inmotion hosting offer a VPS reseller program for $21/per month.  This can be re-sold for $60/per month.  Making a profit of $39/month per sale.

100 customers would bring in $3,900 profit per month.  This is the goal of re-sellers.  To sell enough products to sit back and bring in the profits.  It takes some time and investment to get these customers but once you have them you can have a very nice passive income - just supporting customers where needed.

Start a web hosting company.

Where to Start

Most resellers will start with WHMCS to manage the sales of products/services.  WHMCS is an automation tool for selling hosting and domain names.  It gives you everything you need to start a web hosting company.

You will need some web design/development skills or be willing to hire to get your reseller program off the ground. Most people will start reselling products/services they are familiar with.

Tip: reselling hosting into countries where the hosting market is not so competitive is a  great way to do this.  E.g. re-selling hosting in the German market (where many web hosts are old and not user friendly).

Taking the MasterClass course will cover everything you need to know about running a successful reselling company. It's a lot  more complex than it seems from the outset.  But once you have your business running it's one of the best passive online income opportunities in the world.