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Earn online with a regular job

Steady income with the freedom to work anywhere.
Online Jobs

Getting Online Jobs

An online job offers a steady income without the risks and uncertainties you’ll face being self employed (what most people who work online do).  For many people - getting an online job with a guaranteed salary is a must. And the range of jobs you can do online these days is huge.  But many people starting out fail to know how to get a job online.

In order to successfully get a job working online you’ll need to:

- Have (or be prepared to learn) the skills to do the job

- Have a stunning CV

- Travel to interviews (you may be able to do interviews online but not always)

- Be excellent at online communication

- understand the company you are applying to

- Be trustworthy and reliable

Bulk Your CV Out With Some Courses

Before starting to apply for online jobs you should take a look at your CV and ask yourself - is it good enough?  Do I have the skills to work online for this company? 

Very often the answer is no.  If your CV is looking a little light - before spending time applying for jobs then spend some time doing an online course.  

Both Udemy (multiple skills) and Team Treehouse (development and design) offer online courses which will be an excellent addition to any CV.

Remember: Getting an Online Job Doesn't Always Pay That Well.

Getting a regular job online comes in at number 9 on the list for earning money online.  The reason it comes in so low is that the opportunity to earn serious money just isn’t there with a job.  

With a salaried online job you’ll be paid ok - but not great.  It will all depend on your skill level and the location of the business but pretty much all people who work online work freelance if they can.  You earn double at least working freelance.

You'll be able to pay the bills but not much more.   If that sounds like you then check out our range of online jobs

If not then you may want to check out the other options for How to Make Money Online