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Make Money Online Outsourcing Work to Others

Managed outsourcing offers remote working possibilities.
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How it Works

If you live in a country which is relatively expensive you have the opportunity to offer managed outsourcing to businesses in your home country.

The idea in principle is simple.  You find clients with a work need (either ongoing work or project based) and find staff in other countries who can do that work.

Many businesses outsource the following: customer support, web design & development, bookkeeping,  data entry and any office based work.  And very often the work is managed by a third party who is paid for coordinating the work.

It's a win-win situation.  Businesses get work done cheaper and people in developing countries hire much more than they could locally. 

For example: a web developer in India works for a company in America and the work is organised by you.  The web developer is paid $30 per hour which is 6x the local rate they could earn.  The cost of a developer with the same skill would cost $80-$100 per hour in the US. 

Where to Hire People

Upwork is one of the major players in this field and you can find freelancers and teams with just about any skills there.  Additional platforms include freelancer.com and toptal.com.

Eventually you'd want to build a network of staff who are managed directly as it's cheaper.  Each platform has fees for use.  But to start with using one of the main freelancer platforms would be sensible.  On most of them you'll see reviews of past work and have guarantees that the work is done since payment is held in Escrow.

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Where to Find Clients

Finding clients will be the hardest part of your job.  Those with existing clients and networks often start outsourcing simply because they cannot keep up with the work requirements of the clients.  Many freelancers outsource  part or all of their work.

Learning how to find and sell to the right clients will be key to your success.  Your sales skills will need to be excellent.

In the MasterClass course we cover everything you need to know in order to become an outsourcing pro.  We focus on where and how to find clients and how to maximise profits.  

Taking this course will enable you to get the edge in a competitive market and learn the skills you need to succeed as an outsourcing manager.