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How it Works

Most people are familiar with the recent success of online influencers.  But very few people actually know how people make money this way nor how hard it can be when you finally make it. 

The principle is simple here for how to make money.  You build an audience on one or more social media channels.  You then monetise that audience. 

Popular monetisation options include paid advertising and product placement.  Some people will also launch their own products and services.

There has been a lot of rumours over regulation in this field as a lot of influencers have been abusing the trust of their audiences and advertising to them without really making it clear that they are indeed advertising.

How to Learn

Learning the secrets to become a successful social media influencer is easy.  We cover the basics in the MasterClass course.

Implementing what you learn will be the hard part.  It requires time and effort - a lot more effort than most people think. Especially at the start.

Most successful influencers grow quite quickly and many find that keeping up with their success is the difficult part of the job.  You will need to be determined and very self confident to succeed here.  The high earners are not shy of pushing products which will make them profits.

Can I Really Make It?

Of course you can!  All social media influencers are normal people who have applied themselves.   There is room for plenty more influencers in the world.  

The important thing to do though is to focus on something you love.  And to always be thinking about monetisation options at the same time.  Because your personality is what matters here.  It is what you will be using to build an audience - whether you love playing computer games or tennis or financial trading - your passion needs to shine in what you do.

What Platforms Should I Use?

The simple answer is the ones where your people are most likely to be hanging out.  The most successful people are active upon multiple platforms.

Youtube and Instagram are the two most popular platforms with Youtube being the most popular by a long way.

Learn to Earn Online

How Can I Learn More?

Interested on learning more?  Want to know insider tips and tricks for how to become an online influencer?  Interested in the monetisation options?

Take the MasterClass and learn all about how to earn online.  It's the most complete guide to working and earning online. It will give you a massive edge over all the other people starting out at the same time.