How to Make Extra Money Fast Working from Home

When searching for ways to make extra money fast working from home, chances are, you’ll find a lot of “get rich quick” schemes that are preying upon people desperate looking for quick cash. 

So, is it is to make fast from home? Let’s find out… 

Make Extra Money Fast Working From Home Schemes: Spotting The Scams

You can usually spot these by their “too good to be true” feel, accompanied by super flashy, often tacky visuals, clickbaity titles, and outrageous claims. 

If you’re not sure the gig you’re looking at is a scheme or a legit way to earn online, do research on it. The simplest way is to Google it!  Many government websites have information on the most common or recent scams, plus you can take a look at scam tracking websites to double-check.

Is There A Legit Way To Make Extra Money Fast Working From Home?

The truth is that there is no way to make extra money fast working from home. Earning online takes time and effort so you need to start thinking in the long-term! The only truly quick way to get some money if you need it right now is to sell stuff you don’t use or need via selling sites or apps like LetGo or Facebook Marketplace. And that isn’t even a guarantee.

Beginner-Friendly Ways to Earn Online

Instead of looking for ways to make money fast working from home, look for beginner-friendly work-from-home gigs. These will help you hone your skills and work towards a good revenue stream. 


If you have patience, blogging is a great way to earn online. When you have consistently high traffic, it’s easy to monetise your blog for steady revenue. The tricky part? Getting all that traffic. In the ballpark, you need to be looking at 5,000-10,000 visitors a day to get a decent revenue stream, but that takes time. 

Create Your Own Online Store

If you can find the sweet spot between; what people want, and the competition out there currently, you can create your own online store and start selling. The other alternative is for you to create or sell your own original products! Currently this is ranked #1 way on how to make money online for ease of setup and earning potential.

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Writing Gigs

If you enjoy blogging but need money quicker, try being a writer for others. If you have honed your writing skills enough you can start charging for taking the blog writing off of the hands of other businesses or bloggers.  

Learn A New Skill

Want to future-proof your income? Learn a new specialist skill, like coding or website design as these, will always be needed! Spend time developing your new skills and in the long-term, your ability to earn online will be limitless. 

If you really want to earn online, particularly a decent and steady income stream, there are no shortcuts! Change your mindset and start looking long-term and you’ll be on your way to making money from home in no time.