How to Improve Your CV for Getting a Remote Job Online

If you want to earn money online, a remote job is an excellent way to secure a regular income. Working online is not only convenient and flexible, but it’s an attractive change for anyone who is sick of enduring the dreaded commute!

But, in order to get a remote job, your CV needs to be up to scratch. In this article, we’ll show you how it’s done.

How to Improve Your CV for Getting a Remote Job Online

Keep It Concise

Recruiters don’t have time to read a miniature novel with each application, so your CV must provide the most pertinent information as concisely as possible. Look at your current CV and remove any jobs or qualifications that aren’t directly relevant  – particularly entry-level roles from earlier in your career, if you have them.

Check the Formatting

Your CV should be uncluttered and easy to read. Choose a clean and professional font – such as Arial, Helvetica, or Calibri – and shoot for sizes 10 to 12. A smaller font will make your CV too information-dense, while a larger font might suggest you are disguising a lack of content.

Separate your CV into sections – contact information, personal statement, experience, qualifications, and other relevant information. Use bullet points where possible, and keep sentences snappy.

Begin with a Personal Statement

The first main section of your CV, after contact information, should be a personal statement. It’s kind of like an executive summary which introduces yourself, provides a brief overview of the qualifications and experience relevant to the job, and describes how this role fits into your career aspirations. When you’re applying to earn money online, this introductory statement is just as important as a traditional job application.

Focus on Related Experience & Highlight Relevant Qualifications

The job description will provide cues to help you decide which parts of your work experience and qualifications to focus on.

If you have these qualifications and experience, make them the focus of this section. If you don’t, choose the qualifications that are most relevant to the job and explain how they support your application. For people who do not have a substantial amount of experience working online, this is the section you can really hype up to help you secure an interview.

Be Specific About Achievements

Don’t be vague in your CV; recruiters won’t be interested in deciphering what you’re trying to say. For example, instead of stating that you increased sales in a former role, be specific about the numbers involved. Provide statistics and tangible evidence of your abilities because this sets you apart from the competition who may have decided to go ‘wishy washy’.

Understand the Role

What’s really important when applying for a remote role is to demonstrate your skillset and understanding of what actually needs to be done. Many people want to earn money online, but not everyone knows what it takes. Working online comes with distinct challenges, so you should focus on attributes such as being highly organised, self-motivated, able to work independently, and delivering successful projects as part of a remote team.

Use Keywords to Sail Through Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATCs) are used by recruiters to sift through job seekers to find the best candidates. ATCs automatically scan applications for keywords, so make sure to pick words out of the job description to use in your CV. You can go even further and look for keywords on the company’s website and LinkedIn profile.

Tailor Your CV to the Role and Company

Finally, and most importantly, each time you apply for a remote job, ensure that your CV is optimised for that specific role as well as tone of the company. Do your research and weave elements in, for example, if they are a sustainable company, mention how you achieve your goals sustainably.

Remember that one well-thought-out and tailored CV is far better than 5 poorly executed ones! So, follow these steps, and you’ll be in a great position to earn money online.