How to Get Online Jobs - A Winning Strategy

Wondering how to get an online job?  Looking for a switch in career? Are you eyeing some remote online job positions? Here’s how you can get online jobs that will pay all your bills.

How to Get Online Jobs - A Winning Strategy

Step 1. Think About Your Motivations

If you don’t know what motivates you, you won’t know which online jobs are good for you. 

What’s causing you stress? Is it the type of job you do, your boss, management, coworkers, or is it getting to your workplace and all the time you waste on commuting?  

If you stress about your boss and coworkers, switching to remote work might lower your stress for a while, but won’t help in the long run but you might find yourself lonely so you’ll want to look for work as part of a team or agency - or build your own.

If it’s other aspects like commuting or being stuck at the office while you could be at home then it’s time to think about going remote and getting work from home jobs.

Step 2. Determine Your Skills 

You can’t work online without the right skill set. Write down your professional skills and see whether there are online jobs looking for what you can offer! 

Think about your current career: Would it work online? If you find that you can’t do anything online with your current skills, it’s time to learn something new. 

Some easy entry-level online jobs include data entry, and then you can branch into other more skilled areas like bookkeeping and copywriting, to see which one you’d like doing most. 

Step 3. Look and Be Professional

Be professional about what you offer – you can stick to a free email service like Gmail, but have a separate account for business only and choose a handle that’s easy to type and remember related to you. 

A big number of your clients and employers will search for you and look at your social media, so keep them tidy and up-to-date with the correct information on them.  

It should go without saying, but be polite to clients you work online with, and explain your work process before you start working together. Educate clients on specifics and always be there to clear things up. This will help you get good feedback and references which in turn will help you grow. 

Step 4. Be a Brand 

Your employees and clients will often be located in other cities, states, and even continents, which makes in-person interviews highly unlikely. To showcase just how good of a fit you really are, work on your online presence and make yourself a brand. 

Make a basic website, develop a good-looking and easy-to-access portfolio, and consider some personalised landing pages for clients coming from specific industries. 

Step 5. Apply, Apply, and Apply

If you want to work online, the apply and wait system works rather well for online jobs, but to truly stand out in the crowd, offer a personalised message to the client or employer you’re aiming for and don’t forget the follow-up! 

This will put you right in their spotlight. Analyse them and tailor your message to them, and highlight what makes you a great addition to the team. 

When you look for online jobs, know what motivates you most and look for opportunities that reflect that. When presenting yourself to your potential employer, focus on showing them what benefits they will have thanks to your skills, but avoid being focused on yourself. It’s about how you can help THEM reach their goals.