How to Be a Digital Nomad

Want to know how to be a Digital Nomad?  Working from anywhere is more feasible than ever before, so an increasing number of entrepreneurs are asking themselves how to be a digital nomad and what skills are actually required. Here’s what you need to know first.

How to Be a Digital Nomad

How to start to become a digital nomad?

If you’re wondering how to be a digital nomad, you’ll be surprised just how much easier it is nowadays! The first thing you should do is determine how rooted you are to your current location and slowly work towards reducing the ties you have there.

This means that you should avoid long-term leases, see what you will do with your vehicle if you have one, and slowly stop using services like cable TV. For a digital nomad, it’s easier to use subscription-based services that move with you.

Is it hard to be a digital nomad?

With so many jobs that can be done online today, many people wonder how to be a digital nomad and how hard it is. The answer largely depends on your current skill set and experience with online jobs.

It’s not easy to start earning money online. Working in the gig economy might seem like something that you can only do as a side hustle, but once you have enough experience, it can become a full-time thing that will bring you steady income.   

The amount of income you earn will depend on finding a location that is good for you, since living expenses differ quite drastically around the globe.

What countries are popular amongst digital nomads?

If you’re looking at becoming a digital nomad, you might consider starting in a place with lower costs of living, and you should consider things like:

  • Living expenses
  • Internet connectivity
  • Things to do for leisure
  • Overall safety

When choosing where you want to base yourself early on. Based on these criteria, the top five best countries to live in as a digital nomad are the following:

  1. Indonesia
  2. Thailand
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Hungary
  5. Serbia

All of these countries have acceptable monthly living expenses, good internet providers with decent speeds and steady connections, lots of stuff to do while you’re not working, and all of them are fairly safe if you do your homework.

Can anyone be a digital nomad?

Not everyone is cut out to be a digital nomad. Can you imagine uprooting your whole life right now and move to a different country and city and continue working there?

A successful digital nomad is resourceful, adaptable, results-oriented, calm, and aware of their surroundings. All of these traits help you be location-independent, embrace change quickly, and enjoy work instead of stressing about it.  

What do I need to be a digital nomad?

You will need solid skills that will let you earn money online. All you have to do to become a digital nomad is find your niche, learn the basics, and then slowly work your way up. It does take time, and the best approach is to learn the skills that are currently in high demand. Right now, you can earn a decent living as a digital nomad if you learn some solid web development or digital marketing skills.

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