5 Problems You'll Encounter When You Work From Home

Working from home comes with its own set of pros and cons, and here, we’ll focus on some issues you are likely to face.

If you’re used to travelling to the office, then earning money online, and not spending time stuck in traffic, will feel like a dream come true. From getting some ‘me’ time and endless days in your pyjamas, there are definite upsides to home working.

5 Problems You'll Encounter When You Work From Home

But, working from home has some downsides too that if you’re not careful can quickly creep up on you. Here’s the most common problems to watch out for:

1. Wasting Time on Social Media

Why is social media such a problem for people working from home? Because there’s no manager or boss who might barge into your room and see you’re actually on Facebook and watching yet another cute cat video. Those browsing sessions can quickly go from five minutes to an hour, making you miss your deadlines.

You can either work on your discipline or install add-ons or programs that will keep you away from social media. Another option is to have a separate work login account on your computer where you don’t have access to your social accounts or other games you may usually play. So it is kept clear of online distractions.

2. Distractions You Wouldn’t Have in The Office

The two most disrupting distractions you won’t face at the office are pets and kids. Kids can’t grasp the concept of mummy or daddy being home and at work simultaneously. To them, if you’re home, you’re not at work!

They don’t know that you’re actually earning money online. Pets will also often try to get your attention and demand cuddles or playtime. This is why you should be having a separate working space and ensuring that your pets can’t get into the room where you usually work. As for your children, you may have to schedule around them so they are eating, napping or occupied with activities when you’re working. It takes a while to find a routine but consistency is key here.

3. Lack of Social Interaction

Lack of social interaction might seem like a godsend at first, as it limits the usual disruptions like the chatty co-worker. But you’ll realise you’re actually missing that after a while, and if it goes on for too long, a lack of social interactions result in health issues.

Keep connected to the office with the right communication apps, like Slack or Skype, where you can have at least virtual social interactions!

4. No Face-To-Face Communication

All businesses require face-to-face communication from time to time. It’s best used to successfully communicate requirements and goals or quickly resolve issues in real-time together. Going remote and earning money online can make you feel awesome but also isolated and alone, as if you are not part of a team.

Semi-annual meetups can make remote members truly feel like part of the same community. For all face-to-face meetings, you can use teleconferencing solutions that will help you read the body language too.

5. No Work/Life Separation

After a while, working at home can make you feel like you’re in the office all the time. You won’t associate home with rest, but work. This can lead to low morale and even resentment toward your job. You can fix this if you set up a designated home office and work only there, or you can visit a café or co-working space to mix it up a little.

For most of us, working from home feels like a dream, but it can become a nightmare if you aren’t careful about planning your daily tasks and activities.