10 Real Work from Home Jobs Anyone Can Do

Finding real work from home jobs has never been easier in today’s technological climate. If you want to work online but have no idea where to start, here’s some of the real work from home jobs you should consider:  

10 Real Work from Home Jobs Anyone Can Do

#1 Writer or Editor

If you know your way around words and get annoyed when you spot an error in a blog post, then a writing or editing gig might be a good choice for you. Writers and editors are in high demand right now with all the written content needed online, so it’s easy to find your first gig. 

#2 Social Media Manager

Many businesses don’t have time to keep their social accounts active, so they look for others who can take care of their social media activity. As a social media manager, you’ll take care of the whole marketing strategy across all of their channels. 

#3 Graphic Designer

Visuals are a key part of every brand, and this is where graphic designers come in. You can work as a freelance designer, or remotely as part of a team. Graphic designers produce visual content for online (website, newsletters) and offline (brochures, posters, magazine ads) use. 

#4 Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants help with scheduling, managing phone calls, or assignment delegation, but you can acquire more specific skills along the way and help with accounting, translation, or even research. 

#5 Customer Service or Tech Support Rep

Companies have started to employ remote tech and customer support. These real work from home jobs will see you chat with customers who are either interested in the services the company offers, or are in need of technical assistance about their current services. You’ll need a good headset for this type of job.  

#6 Teacher or Tutor

Online education is really popular nowadays, and if you have a specific skillset you can teach to others, you can be an online teacher or tutor. All you need is a good internet connection, and in case you’ll be giving video lessons, a decent camera. 

#7 Bookkeeper

As a bookkeeper, you’ll track payments and billing, usually for small businesses. Knowledge of common accounting software such as Quickbooks is a definite need as well as other basic bookkeeping principles, but this is easy to learn and pick up online and you don’t need qualifications or a degree like with accounting.  

#8 Transcription

As a transcriber, you’ll receive audio files that you will have to convert to text. You can transcribe lectures, interviews or podcasts, even medical records and more. 

#9 Data Entry

If you’ll work in data entry, your job will be to input data to a computer from other sources. The data is often entered from paper documents that need to be digitised or things like PDFs into spreadsheets. It can be quite repetitive but if you like structure and stability it’s the one for you.  

#10 Website/App Tester

These types of gigs are known as “usability testing” and require no prior knowledge about development or programming. You work online to test websites and apps that are still in development, and after you complete the testing, you get a set amount of money for each test. 

Gone are the days when online jobs were just a side hustle. Almost all office type jobs can be done from home today! While the above jobs are listed as entry-level, you can actually do most of them full-time and earn plenty.

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